Advisory & Consulting Services

Barb Aust is available to help others further their understanding of the essential curriculum in a variety of ways:

  • Individual mentoring
  • Group mentoring
  • Telephone and SKYPE mentoring sessions
  • Other services by mutual agreement


“Taught me appreciation for the talents and joy within each and every child. She taught me to first and foremost, understand where each child is coming from before jumping to conclusions.”
— Education Assistant
“Her collaborative style contributes to a school atmosphere of community. It empowers us all and enables us to have ownership in “our” school.”
— Teacher
“My interactions with Barb have challenged and stimulated my thinking and my growth as a professional and as a human being.”
— Assistant Superintendent
“... is masterful at orchestrating input. Her integrity comes partly from her belief that people must have ownership if something is to succeed.”

— Teacher

“You gave us time, time to share, complain, ask questions and laugh, laugh, laugh. You were our encourager, critic, teacher and friend...You above all will be remembered as the teacher we want to emulate. ‘Master Teacher’ I believe it is called”
— University Student

Barb Aust has been actively involved in the education field for over four decades.

She has done extensive work as a teacher, principal, and as a mentor for school leaders and student teachers engaged in teacher education. She has successfully worked in early childhood education, the public school system, alternative schools, First Nations Band schools and at Vancouver Island University.

Barb is married to an encouraging and supportive husband. Together they have raised three children and now enjoy participating in their grandchildren's lives.  Barb is an active volunteer in her community and serves on a number of different boards.  Her passion is honoring and creating beauty: in her garden, her home and in relationships.

The Three Principles teachings of Sydney Banks have been fundamental in Barb's life for almost forty years and they underpin all that she does. Mr. Banks said "Mind is the intelligence of all things, consciousness makes you aware, and thought is like the rudder of a ship.  It guides you through life, and if you learn to use that rudder properly, you can guide your way through life far better than you ever imagined."  Barb's life has been focussed on working from the heart and respecting the inherent wisdom in everyone.  The Virtues Project has provided beautiful, affirming language to express the ideas with children.

Barb is the author of The Essential Curriculum, available as a softcover and ebook through  Through her book, Barb shares 21 ideas for creating a positive and optimistic culture.