Following New Paths

No one can “fix” us, but the power to change is always one thought away from within each of us
— Sydney Banks

Little did I know a decision to keep a daily journal when taking over as a substitute principal would lead to me down a new path.  

After completing my eight-month stint, I filed the journal away in a folder called "later" alongside my other unpublished work, The Inside Track.  After all, “who on earth would want to read them but me?” my thinking told me!  

But things changed one day in 2004 when Syd Banks called and said "there's a young woman in the UK starting a program with kids.  Do you have anything you could send along to help her out?"  The only thing I had that I could mail to her was the compilation of the journal!  Unedited, unpublished but still, better than nothing.  At that time I was calling the writings See Them in their Place of Knowing.  Off it went in the mail with the intent that it might offer some simple, helpful ideas.  

I was encouraged and nudged to get it officially published but I procrastinated.... and procrastinated...and procrastinated. It wasn't until I became aware that it was being shared in its unedited state that I was moved to act! The school marm in me was horrified to think that misspelled and grammatically incorrect work was out in the great big world!  

Over the next couple of years I rewrote and refined the book to make it short, sweet and easy for busy educators to read in five-minute bites. After all, educators barely have time to breathe, so I knew this had to be manageable!

The title seemed cumbersome and I wondered how I might change it. I reflected on an earlier time when I had been gifted with the insight that the Three Principles are, quite simply, the essential curriculum. And, book one of the series was born.

Each afternoon, I met with my “imaginary new administrator” and wrote the lesson of the day. Over the course of eight months, I wrote an entire book that distilled into a month’s worth of lessons for those “inside the schoolhouse.” The stories have come from a long career that has taken on many forms in a number of different locales. All the names, locales and situations have been disguised to protect the privacy of all.

It has been invigorating to move down a different path at this phase of life, one that is refreshing and allows for the sharing of ideas and honoring of those who are rooted in love and service.