Entertaining A New Year Filled With Possibility!

Don’t spend time beating on a wall hoping to turn it into a door.
— Coco Chanel

The New Year often comes with talk of goals and resolutions, many of which fall off the page when January ends. Goals and resolutions tend to be narrowly focussed and are accompanied by the stress or guilt of "have to" or "must" or "promises" and the accompanying negativity if one misses the mark or falls off track.

Yet, entertaining the idea of limitless possibility for the upcoming year can be a freeing feeling, accompanied by feelings of excitement and positivity.

Looking forward with a purpose in mind, a big-picture possibility, then following the path that reveals itself as you move toward the vision can be enervating and exciting!  You know what you are heading toward, but have no idea what the roadmap will look like!

How does this translate into a classroom?  Well, think of teaching a class of first graders.  My big vision is that every one of the students will be reading by the end of the year.  However, if my mind is closed to only one method, not all students will meet with success. We know that students learn in different ways through their dominant modality and, as teachers, we need to be open to what those might be.  Not only do we need to be cognizant of them, we need to be adaptable to changing our methods to meet the needs of the student.  As Sydney Banks said " a dog that barks up the wrong tree isn't a very good hunter!" (In Quest of the Pearl, Sydney Banks)

We need to be "good hunters" that notice the needs of the students and stay open to worlds of infinite possibility.

Happy New Year and Happy New Paths of Possibility!