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This is a magical time of year when amidst all the hub bub swirling around "out there," I find myself moving toward the quiet "inside" my own being.  This morning I lit a fire and sat staring into the flames as they sprang to life and warmed the room.  A nice cuppa, a book of reflections on my island home, and I was enraptured by the peace of a very chilly, winter morning.  

I pondered all the things that I have such gratitude for and I was left in awe at how abundant my life is. At the beginning of my eighth decade of circling the sun, I feel like a teenager with infinite possibilities stretched out before me, ones of connection, of service and precious moments where I am simply noticing.

What a grand way to see life...always new, forever beginning again...the great spiral unfolding…a world without end.

I am sharing a link to an article of mine that was published December 8, 2016 by ASCD.  I hope you enjoy reading it and that you discover a myriad of ways to tell your own stories.

I wish all of you the very best of the holiday season and a healthy and vibrant 2017.