Freedom Comes from Letting Go

"Throughout time human beings have experienced insights that spontaneously and completely changed their behaviours and their lives, bringing them happiness they previously thought impossible."

-Sydney Banks


This is a story of twelve year old twin girls both living through what externally appeared to be the same story - a marital breakup, the move to a new home, new town, new school all with the need to create a new friendship circle.

What was most interesting is that while the form and circumstances appeared to be exactly the same for these girls, their reactions provided evidence, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we all live in separate realities. It was certainly fascinating to observe.

Carmen and Roxanne looked identical - their mother's smile and their dad's desire to be on the go 100% of the time. While you couldn't discern who was who by looks, in personality, there was never a problem.

Carmen viewed the world through dark colored glasses. Even when participating in activities she claimed to like, her response was the same "That sucks!" While tiresome to hear constantly, those around her didn't buy into her negativity: they ignored it or simply walked away. Carmen seemed to have no inkling of the dark cloud she created for herself.

Roxanne, on the other hand, took things is stride. The circumstances in her life, while hugely disappointing, did not send her into a tailspin. Roxanne looked for opportunities to play with new friends and to find out more about this place they had moved to. Carmen resisted the change. Roxanne embraced it!

Yet, as we often have observed over the years, another "everyday miracle" took place.

The girls had a very compassionate and insightful teacher. This chap, blessed with the loving heart of a Mother Teresa, the wisdom of the Buddha and and the persistence of Gandhi set a writing task. The students were to keep a daily journal of their feelings "in the moment." There was to be a complete/not complete mark and a self assessment but no evaluative comments by the teacher. However, he did promise to read the entries.

Three weeks into this four week project the "everyday miracle" occurred. Carmen wrote "You never will be set free until you can forgive with all your heart." Carmen let go of all the resistance she had to the changes in her life and in that moment, everything changed. It was her breakthrough moment and it placed a new piece of software in her head and with it, a change in how Carmen felt about her life. Carmen had set herself free - something nobody could do for her. A true inside-out transformation.

"Never underestimate the power of an insight...sometimes an insight is worth all your previous experiences in life put together."

-Sydney Banks