3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, when explored, are bringing dramatic, positive results. This simple knowledge is relevant for anyone at any age.


Introduction to the Three Principles


Professional Development for the School Year: Series Guidelines


The Essential Curriculum


Overview of the Series

Part 3: Seeing Beyond Behaviour

Follow through: Sydney Banks Long Beach Lectures Part 3: The Experience (0:34 minutes)


Sydney Banks

Mr. Banks uncovered three principles that underpin the human experience. Visit his website, untouched since his death in 2009, where you will find video clips of various talks that he gave as well as six of his books that are currently available.


3 Principles Foundation

The vision of the 3 Principles Foundation is “A world in which human suffering has been greatly relieved vai a profound shift in our understanding of the nature of human existence and of human psychological functioning.  The Foundation hosts the 3 Principles Schools on Salt Spring Island.  You will find video clips of some of the sessions that have taken place over the last few years.


3 Principles Global Community

This is a site that shares what the global community of practitioners have discovered through the inspiration of listening to Sydney Banks. The four video selections that we have chosen to accompany our introductions can be found here.


National Resilience Resource Center

This site provides an important service to all educators by having up to date research, resources and outcomes for establishing a best practice in teaching the three principles.